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2017 Fall Softball Registration Page




      1.  Fall softball is offered by the Susquehanna Valley Umpires' Association for the 10U thru 14U age levels.  As in the past, HYA prefer players register at the age level to be played in the spring 2018 season.

      2.  Player requests should be made at the time of registration.  HYA will do its best to honor those requests.

      3.  Practices will be held Tuesdays thru Thursdays at the coach's discretion.  Games are double-headers and played on Sundays beginning at 1PM.  Some games will be played on Saturday mornings depending on field conditions and umpire availability.

      4.  On-line regular registration will open on 7/3/2017 and stay open until either, program levels meet capacity or 8/1/2017, whichever comes first.  Please note that due to limited field availability, some age group programs may be shut down prior to other levels and you will be able to put your name on a waiting list.  Please do not wait to register and registrations will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  Please note a $10 administrative fee will be accessed for any request for a refund after registering. 

On-line registration will enable you to enter all your family and child's information for this sport and any other sports your children may later play through HYA.  You will be able to pay on-line through a secure credit card process. Any questions can be sent via email to the coordinator.  If you are unable to register on-line due to the lack of internet access or a credit card, please email Craig Gingrich to make other arrangements.

If you plan on volunteering, please register under the Vounteer Section.   There is also a link to obtain a background clearance.  Background clearances are valid for 3 years.  Please complete this process if your background clearance has expired or never had a previous background clearance done.  All fees are reimbursed by HYA.

      5.  To better understand the requirements of the fall softball program, please read the other sections of this website to answer your questions. 

Fall 2017 Softball fees will be as follows (Click on the links below for more information):




      Parents Registering: Prior to registering your Daughter for softball, please click on the above program links to read information about our various programs. 

Read these instructions carefully before proceeding to register -

Please follow the instructions closely to avoid being registered as a family in our system multiple times. Once you are in our system and have a user name and password assigned to you, please continue to use that user name and password for all future registrations and team access and do not create a 2nd user name and password. If you forget your username or password, you will have the ability to have either and/or both emailed to you very quickly.
          1.     The "Click Here to Register " link below will open the baseball registration page on our registration website called Count Me In.
          2.     Once at the HYA Sports Registration web page, click on "Travel Softball" link. This will open another page and you will be able to select the appropriate softball program for your child.
          3.     Click the appropriate age level baseball program and then select "Add to Cart" at the next screen if this is the correct program for your child. If you selected the wrong program, hit the back button on your web browser to back up a screen and reselect the correct program.
          4.     You will then be asked a question whether you are interested in Head coach, assistant coach, or volunteer for the softball program.  Please indicate Yes or No.
          5.     You will then be asked if you want to donate to our hardship fund. Please indicate by selecting the desired donation, or that you do not wish to donate. Please consider donating a small amount, as these funds enable us to continue to replenish our funds to provide some much needed hardship scholarships to families in need. Donations are tax deductible.
          6.     Click the Continue button.
          7.     You will then be at the “Shopping Cart” screen. Please note you will see everything you signed up for including any volunteer positions that will have a $0 cost. You are able to register multiple children for Softball and Baseball programs. If interested in signing up multiple children, please select the “Continue Shopping” button to add more programs to your shopping cart. If ok with everything in the “cart” (you can change later if needed), please select “Checkout”. Please delete anything you mistakenly selected by selecting the “Remove” button.
          8.     You will now be taken to a screen which will allow you to log in your contact information.

(1) If this is your first time entering this system, you should select the “Create Account” button to enter all your information. The first information entered will be the primary parent information. The other parent’s information as well as your kid(s) information will be able to be added later.

(2) If this isn’t the first time you were in this system, please enter your user name and password in the appropriate blocks and select log in. If you forgot your user name or password, please select the appropriate button(s) and one will be emailed immediately to the email address you previously assigned in the system. If you are not sure whether you were in this system previously, select the “forgot username”/”forgot password” links and if the system doesn’t recognize you by sending an email with your username or password, this means you were not previously entered in the system as a user or you have a different email address.
          9.  Please complete all the fields and hit the save button at the bottom or your information will not be saved in the system.
          10.   You will then be provided a page that says “Checkout Detail” at the top. You will notice in the middle of the page that you have not assigned a name (any family member’s name) to “Registrant”, “Volunteer”, or “Donor Item” for the program, volunteer position, or donation you selected. Click the “Assign a registrant” or “Assign a volunteer” and “Assign a Donor” links and it will allow you to add your child’s information to register for that program, assign you or your spouse as a volunteer for the volunteered position, or assign someone to the donation.
          11.   Once family members are assigned to the registration, volunteer, or donor selection, you can complete the registration by clicking on “Continue Registration” and pay on-line by credit card.
          12.   If you volunteered for a position, you will be asked to select the type of volunteer position and agree to a code of conduct. 

If you would like to enter other children or your spouse in the system even though they aren’t registering for anything at this time, please do that so that all your family information is in the system. This will allow your family to utilize multiple email addresses or contact information for your family. This is done by clicking on the “My Account” button at the top of the webpage. You will then be taken to another webpage which will allow you to select “Add an Account Member” or “Create a Guardian”. You can also edit information already in the system about your family at this screen by selecting the person’s name under “Edit”.
          13.   To get back to the shopping cart to finalize any registration, you can click on the “Cart” button at the top of the webpage.
          14.   You will receive several emails from our system indicating you are registered as a new user and/or a receipt for any program, volunteer, or donation you selected. If you receive any of these emails, you can be assured that your information was accepted by the system. If you do not get these emails, you should contact HYA to make sure your information was accepted.
          Click Here To Register 

Parents Volunteering: If interested in volunteering at your daughter’s softball program level, you will be able to sign up for positions such as head and assistant coaching during the registration process. 

Financial Hardships: Any family facing significant financial hardship should read the following information regarding the 
Hempfield Hardship Scholarship Fund. Hardship scholarship funds are available through our Bill Buterbaugh Hardship Fund. Funds are limited and hardships will be addressed on a case by case.
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