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HYA Girls Intramural Basketball

News, Notes, and Information:
  • SUB-COORDINATOR NEEDED AT Grade Level 3 & 4. Please contact HYA if interested for a list of responsibilities.
  • Registration is held during September/mid October. Players must be a Hempfield School District resident. Intramural Season generally runs from late November through February. Team T-Shirts are provided to each player.
  • Players are drafted onto teams by coaches in order to make as balanced a program is possible. Requests for individual player's to play together or for certain coaches can be made; however, there are no guarantees as the primary selection of players is based on abilities and not requests. Team requests are not permitted.

Intramural Levels:  
  • 1st and 2nd Grade - Introductory clinics teaching basketball fundementals.  Will use 28.5" basketballs; basket height 8 ft.
  • 3rd thru 5th Grade - Introductory program emphasizing basketball fundamentals. Involves one weeknight practice for 1 1/2 hours. Ability to play in-house HYA games will be determined by turnout. Will use a 28.5" basketball at a 8 ft. basket.
  • 6th thru 9th Grade - This is a combined league.  It involves at least one practice per week plus a game.  Grade level will have post-season playoffs.  Players trying out for a school team and not making the cut, will be assigned to a team by the sub-coordinator to ensure competitive balance (See below note to players trying out for school teams).  No player will be considered for assignment to a team unless they have registered.  School team players are not eligible for HYA.

    NOTE: Players trying out for the school team, prior to October 28th, must email the Intramural Coordinator Fran Lukawski to indicate their desire to play intramurals in not selected for a school team. In your email to the coordinator, please state your name and grade. If you do not make a school team, you will be provided an opportunity to register immediately after the school teams are selected and pay your regular fee. Please note that if your email is sent to the Coordinator after an age program has been shut down due to participant limitations, you will be put on the waiting list with others.


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